The Only Interview that was Granted Regarding President Trump and Bannon's Involvement in the $58 Billion Crime against America and Social Security and their "Drain the Swamp" Con

James Earls

438 Ready Section Road

Hazel Green, AL 35750


The Trump and Clinton Campaign's were contacted about the $58 Billion Crime against the American Taxpayer and the Social Security Trust Fund

Read the Media Copy of "The Washington Mafioso's UPSgate," and its Supplemental Manual's

Federal Contractor Employment Tax Evasion Evidence Link

President Trump, Steve Bannon and Rod Rosenstein's Proof of Service Affidavit's and the Trump Addendum and Addendum Evidence Concerning the $58 Billion Federal Contractor Employment Tax Evasion Crimes.

Note: This is the link to the evidence that is to be used in the complaints that has been sent to the above U. S. Government agencies. This website is NOT sponsored or provided by the United States government.